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pilot stud great lad works vry hard to bering us all top info well done kiddo
Enjoy and find all the addons here: Savage Carbon (SAVAGE CUB MOD): Catalina: Simikot:
FSCams: FlightShare: Pilot Studd ✈️ My Discord: • Want model planes here’s my affiliate link (it really helps me out):
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My name is Robert Knott i am a keen flight simmer.
I started the business in 2013 and a friend joined me later on in 2015.
i had a heart attack and major heart surgery so have been on the mend not doing anything just trying to get well.
I am just a normal flight sim fan and have been since, day 1.
I put all the money i had into design and manufacture of these desktop cockpit dashboards.
After looking and searching the internet i could not find many duel set up dashboards, of the very few i did discover,
i could never have afforded the £1000's of pounds to buy one.
So, i went out on a limb to help fellow flight simulator enthusiasts out there with a lower budget like myself .

I did this by designing and manufacturing my own brand, of low budget Cockpits and they are by far, better quality desktop cockpit dashboards.
The simple reason is because I am not greedy.
I make a small margin and hope to make more sales.
I know not everyone has loads of money to spare, but with Bk cockpits you can all enjoy our products for less cost than a weekend out.
I know they are not based on any aircraft but believe me, once you have it set up gauges in place back lit they look fantastic.
An I pad running gauges or a touch screen running panel builder, its as real as it gets.
Our precision cut, free standing, cockpit panel dashboards, are great value!
(get your order in before stock runs out).
Our next build date is end April 22nd 2021.
Orders now being taken,
Be ahead of the game, make sure you have yours set up for MS 2020 x plane 11
With the beautiful scenery and your NEW BK cockpit dash you and you first officer will think you really are flying.
God bless you all and stay safe

Robert Knott
Bk cockpits
Managing director

Company number 12730370
Vat Number 1226928132